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Import of coils of different types of steel from Asia.

Logisticsand Financing

Steel Cut

With the following specs:

  • Slitter: 0.2mm~2.3mmx1400mmx15tonx200m/min
  • Shear: 0.2mm~2.33mmx1250mmx15tonx80m/min


Distribution throughout the Mexican Republic.


Formality in delivery times.


Cold rolled or galvanized steel sheet coated with a polyester painting coating on one or both sides. This material is used for several goods including home appliances and construction applications (roofs, panels, doors, channels, etc.). We handle this Item in thicknesses ranging from 0.40mm (0.015”) up to 0.91mm (0.035”) and in a wide variety of colors.
Cold rolled base steel with outstanding resistance to corrosion. Main usages include: cutlery, kitchen equipment, electronic appliances, exposed construction finishes and tanks in general for several industries. We currently handle both coils as well as blanks, mainly from “430” series in different finishes (“2B”, “BA”, etc).
Grain Oriented (“GO”)
This kind of steel contains a combination of silicon and other components. This allows its grains to be magnetized in alignment with the steel’s rolling direction. Thanks to this property it is ideal for use in medium or large-sized power and distribution transformers. We handle an extensive stock of this item in coils and strips in grades going from “M0H” up to “M4”. Our regular stock includes this product in thicknesses of 0.23mm (0.009”) and 0.27mm(0.010”) and thanks to our special cutting facilities and equipment, we can adjust to different widths as required by the customer.
Non Grain Oriented (“NGO”)
Similar to grain oriented steel, “NGO” contains a combination of silicon and other compounds. However, its grains are NOT aligned in one single direction. This property makes it ideal for usage in applications which require to convey a current but not in one single direction (i.e. motors and generators). Our stock includes this item in lower grades such as “M800” up to the “hyper” grades such as “M350”.
Fully processed
A special coating is applied to this type of “NGO” steel so no annealing is required to make it recover its magnetic properties after processing.
Semi- Processed
Different to “fully processed NGO”, this kind of steel requires an additional annealing process after stamping or processing in order to recover its magnetic properties.
Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRPO)
We can supply HRPO steel in coil in a wide scope of sizes as per each customer’s needs. Our sources for this steel are mainly located in Asia.
Cold Rolled Steel (CR)
The CR we are handling can be supplied as coil or blank in gages 30 to 14 (0.3mm~2.0mm); mainly in commercial grades such as: ASTM, DIN, SAE, JIS, etc.
Hot Dipped Galvanized (HDGI)
We can supply HDGI from World-Class Asian mills. We are handling a wide range of thicknesses in commercial grades and with coating weights going from G30 to G90 (Z100~ Z270). Surface finish as regular, minimum or zero spangle are available.
Aluminum Coated
Steel sheet with a zinc-aluminum coating (Al = 55% approximately). Frequently used in applications that demand extended corrosion resistance to conditions of high temperature and moisture. This material has an excellent performance during welding and painting operations.